Joanna Gemma Auguri

Auguri embraces melancholic melodies; she is a time traveller from the Weimar-era cabaret scene. Her flair for the dramatic unfolded as a child singing in her church choir. Growing up between two countries and cultures shaped her into an artist with Polish roots; her unusual instruments and unique voice carving her own little niche in the wall. Songs which echo Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, and Nick Cave’s otherworldly atmospheres. Her live concerts, with a nod to her Catholic upbringing, incorporate ritual to establish a profound dialogue with the audience. An avant-garde balancing act between dark folk, poetry, film, and sad pop music.

Her new album was recorded on tape during the first Corona Lockdown. 11 is a prime number which stands for dreamers and idealists – and for new beginnings. 1 and 1 makes 2 but each number remains alone, like two people who ultimately stand for themselves, no matter how close they get. The songs are an examination of loss, identity, and the ruptures we experience during our lives.

The use of nostalgic equipment conjures up the spirits of old times. Auguris voice is the axis around which everything revolves. It is mainly accompanied by the accordion, whose sound resembles a church organ and creates an orchestral and spiritual tension. The throbbing slowness and the sparse arrangements seem almost cathartic. There is a distinctive nature in her way to sing to the audience, an invitation into a private world where a broken heart can beat at its own pace. The result is as intimate as a live concert, an authentic and pure work with delicate and disarming honesty.

Joanna Gemma Auguri breaks out of traditional songwriting, invents her own form of expression. Because music to her is a transformation that lets us see, that through the greatest pain, life still holds us tight. „Baby, you can not control it, it will swallow you anyway“ (Molecules of Light). „I wanted to create something true and unvarnished, as raw as i felt during this year, with all the cracks and contradictions as a contrast to this polished and digital world – says Joanna. 11 is a remarkable album in which the soliloquies of the unconscious find their way from the depths to the shimmering surface of a dark water: fragile, haunting and full of power.

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