Joanna Gemma Auguri

Joanna Gemma Auguri is a musician, songwriter and actress, living in Berlin. In the various stages of her musical solo and band projects, she incorporates influences from folk, ambient and avant-garde music. Her music is a captivating balancing act between deep melancholy and hope. A fine sense of melody meets linguistic precision.

The use of nostalgic equipment and extraordinary instruments conjures up the spirits of old times. Auguris voice is the axis around which everything revolves. There is a distinctive nature in her way to sing to the audience, an invitation into a private world where a broken heart can beat at its own pace.

Hiraeth, the highly anticipated 2nd album from Joanna Gemma Auguri will be released on 28th June and features collaborations artists including Keeley Forsyth via Duchess Box Records. Hiraeth is an untranslatable Welsh word that describes the longing for a home, a place or a feeling that no longer exists or never existed. The album pulls on a heart that conveys a distinct feeling of missing something irretrievably lost.
Moving through different soundscapes, the music is comfort and catharsis at the same time. It is like a book with different chapters that are interwoven. From sparse and intimate compositions to cinematic soundworlds. The album is a longing for integrity and innocence in a world that’s out of balance. It is not only a longing for a lost past but also for a contemporary Utopia.

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