Joanna Gemma Auguri

Joanna Gemma Auguri is a musician, songwriter and actress. In the various stages of her musical solo and band projects, she incorporates influences from folk, ambient and avant-garde music. Her music is a captivating balancing act between deep melancholy and hope. A fine sense of melody meets linguistic precision. The music deals with the despair about the state of the world but it also points out the beauty of being emotional and alive.

The use of nostalgic equipment conjures up the spirits of old times. Auguris voice is the axis around which everything revolves. It is mainly accompanied by the accordion, whose sound resembles a church organ and creates an orchestral and spiritual tension. There is a distinctive nature in her way to sing to the audience, an invitation into a private world where a broken heart can beat at its own pace. The result is as intimate as a live concert, an authentic and pure work with delicate and disarming honesty.

After releasing her debut solo album in March 2021 on Lavender Music/Tracks United in 2021, she is now following up with a new album in June 2024, released on Duchess Box Records.

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