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Joanna Gemma Auguri

Defy fucking convention. If you don’t test your will against the dissent of the world, it can never grow stronger. Widows and orphans are terrible fucking tragedies, both in real life and definitely in typography. The details are not the details. They make the fucking design. Remember it’s called the creative process, it’s not the creative fucking moment. If you’re not being fucking honest with yourself how could you ever hope to communicate something meaningful to someone else? Be fucking impossible to ignore. Stand so tall that they can’t look past you. Practice won’t get you anywhere if you mindlessly fucking practice the same thing. Change only occurs when you work deliberately with purpose toward a goal. Accomplishment validates belief, and belief inspires accomplishment. Can we all just agree as the greater design community to stop fucking talking about Comic Sans altogether? A good fucking composition is the result of a hierarchy consisting of clearly contrasting elements set with distinct alignments containing irregular intervals of negative space. Make work that fucking matters. You are the source of every ounce of give-a-damn that will ever exist in your work. You won’t get good at anything by doing it a lot fucking

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